Amihailu in Dreamland 1.00

Posted in Development with tags , on 16 September, 2014 by Noyemi

The game’s done! Grab it here!

Changes in this version:

  • New portraits, events, and music
  • Removed unnecessary and incomplete things

Finally, after two years, my game is finished! What’s next?

Amihailu in Dreamland v0.11 is here!

Posted in Uncategorized on 16 March, 2014 by Noyemi

After a battery of bugfixes, the game is here!

New in this version:
-Removal of extraneous areas
-Addition of two new sidestories featuring a distraught girl and an eccentric rabbit
-New music, new areas
-Updated soundtrack
-Addition of a large portion of the dialogue system (Press A to talk to Mikhail, works in much of the beginning of the game where it’s most needed.)

Kickstarter Scams: i got nothing™

Posted in Humour with tags , , , on 10 March, 2014 by Noyemi

They went through the trouble of putting an unregistered trademark on the phrase “i got nothing” to put on T-shirts. If it gets any lazier than that, please let me know.

At least the Unemployment Quest guy actually made a game, RTP aside.

Nightmare Castle version 3.1.0

Posted in Development with tags , , on 1 January, 2014 by Noyemi

Get it here!

Changes in this version:

  • New area, music, and effect for Tatyana
  • Fixed the treasure shop to have a single, fixed location in Ruho’s game

As this is a minor update, it’s not strictly necessary to play it. However, if you haven’t played Version 3.0.0, this is worth getting if you want to play.


Amihailu in Dreamland Walkthrough

Posted in Development with tags , , on 15 December, 2013 by Noyemi

Because it’s sorely needed, I wrote a spoiler-free, secret-free walkthrough to this game. You can read it here.

Nightmare Castle version 2

Posted in Uncategorized on 14 December, 2013 by Noyemi

Get it here! Here’s a changelog:

  • New effects!
  • New areas!
  • New music!
  • Changed the treasure shop; you can now choose what you want to buy
  • More treasure!

Amihailu in Dreamland 0.10 bugfix

Posted in Uncategorized on 29 November, 2013 by Noyemi

Okay, someone discovered an embarrassing bug that came from my half-careless, half-meticulous “true ending” setup. It makes it so that the beginning of the game breaks.

It’s fixed now, though. In addition to a door that leads nowhere.


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