Find Adventure in Lumina!

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Hey guys, I’ve uploaded a new demo, ready to play! (Version Alpha 1; wait for updates if you’d like to play a more complete game. Comes with a small dungeon and a miniboss creature.)

It’s Lumina, a fantasy RPG adventure! Sound cliche? It takes place in the Amihailu in Dreamland Universe, so it has all of the bizarre NPCs and strangely compartmentalized worlds you’ve come to expect!

Battles are kind of tough to start, but the object of developing this game, for me, is to make a portion of the battles a small strategic puzzle, with the small numbers ensuring quick but deadly fights. Use your best strategies (focus fire? Flashbangs?) to conquer new enemies and make use of items that you can buy or find in the environment to help you during or after a battle. And lastly, specials are a godsend and you’ll quickly find yourself on the losing end of a gun barrel if you aren’t sparing with them! Eventually, the combat will be more item-based, but currently it’s about rationing hits to the right enemy.

And there’s another thing—find your friends! Talk to people and search your environment to find helpful tips, secrets, and useful items. An extra hand in combat dramatically improves your chances of success, and each new person brings new opportunities to the fray!

Hell Diary Update Coming… Eventually

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I Lived Through My Work

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Anyone who’s followed this blog long enough knows I rarely, if ever, post personal stuff. But I need to get this off my chest.

I’ve had a lot of breakdowns. My personal life was a wreck, to the point where I had only my work to live for. When even that started causing me to break down, I’d do the only thing I could think to do to solve the problem. It doesn’t turn out pretty, and I have had trouble speaking for long periods for a while. The ligature mark is still visible on my neck, somewhat.

Until I got medicine to deal with my problem, I could barely be classified as a person, I think. I was a machine, I worked lots and slept little, made good grades at the same time as hammering out game releases, helping people out and trying my best to get noticed as a little fish in a big pond. I don’t have a 20k visitors per month site—if you looked at the stats post from 2012, that’s closer to my lifetime visits. It’s more than my first deviantart account got in years, but that’s beside the point.

I was lost. I switched from depressed, to euphoric. There were times I had trouble telling whether I was living in a dream or a nightmare, or why are the damn colours so vivid, who are these people I live with?! My mind raced, or I’d break down wondering what my burden on my family totalled to, and it was all numbers. Numbers, my only friend, were also what put me on the edge of death twice. Numbers wanted me to strangle myself. Or so it seemed.

I found out later I have schizoaffective disorder. I did a stint in the loony bin and got meds. My life is much better now. I’m  happy, even though I’ll probably have to take these pills for the rest of my life to stay that way.

I guess what I mean to say is, this is the story of how a broken person got fixed, and the numbers are my friends again. If you ever feel bad, and I mean REALLY bad, I urge you to PLEASE get help.

Somebody WILL miss you, and it will definitely be me.

Amihailu in Dreamland v0.11 is here!

Posted in Uncategorized on 16 March, 2014 by Noyemi

After a battery of bugfixes, the game is here!

New in this version:
-Removal of extraneous areas
-Addition of two new sidestories featuring a distraught girl and an eccentric rabbit
-New music, new areas
-Updated soundtrack
-Addition of a large portion of the dialogue system (Press A to talk to Mikhail, works in much of the beginning of the game where it’s most needed.)

Kickstarter Scams: i got nothing™

Posted in Humour with tags , , , on 10 March, 2014 by Noyemi

They went through the trouble of putting an unregistered trademark on the phrase “i got nothing” to put on T-shirts. If it gets any lazier than that, please let me know.

At least the Unemployment Quest guy actually made a game, RTP aside.

Noyemi K. Music Diary

Posted in Uncategorized on 24 February, 2014 by Noyemi

I’m starting a music diary today, which will be publicly viewable via Google Drive. Click here to take a listen! The songs will be categorized by chip, though I suspect I’ll be doing more non-chiptunes than chiptunes.

Anything I write on a whim will go here, and I’ll be updating via twitter, so please check from time to time if you would like to see what I’ve added.

Diary of the Erased- Collab with M-256

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on 18 February, 2014 by Noyemi

Yesterday, M-256 finished her half of Diary of the Erased, a music release we switched styles to make together. It features 14 normal tracks +  1 bonus track. Side A are my tunes and Side B are hers, and the bonus track is a teaser for the next Hell Diary collection. The Side A mp3s are 320 kbps while the side B mp3s are 192 kbps.


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