YM2203 Chiptunes!

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I’ve spent the past week transcribing some of my work for emulated YM2203 playback!

You can find the MML scores and play them back on my MMLTalks profile.

Nightmare Castle Graphics Set

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Masha has treasure for you!

The graphics for Nightmare Castle and Ruho Plus are now free for anyone to use in any non-commercial project, in any engine they wish (though the materials are set up for RPG Maker VX/Ace).

You can snag ’em here!

The set includes the terms and all of the tiles and some of the sprite sets. It does not include the “faceset” icons, but feel free to get those out of Nightmare Castle. The music is also free for non-commercial use, but I did not provide it since I’d like to make a new music set specifically for free use.

[VX Ace Script] Simple Dynamic Music Script

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You can get it from here.

Description and features:

My dynamic music script allows the developer to switch between different variations of a track using variable changes and a simple, customizable naming system. When the player triggers a change to the specified variable (e.g., losing enough health on obstacles, encountering a puzzle, or entering a dangerous area) a new variant of the track is queued without restarting, subtly using music to indicate where and what situation is happening in an area. It can be useful for many types of games, such as Zelda-style games with action battle systems or adventure games with puzzles and enemies you must avoid.


  • Use variations of a track (e.g. “Forest”, “Forest1”, “Forest2”; or “Forest”, “ForestPuzzle”, “ForestCombat”) and have them cue automatically with just a variable change.
  • Almost seamless; there is a small crossfade between tracks done by the engine (if I could find a way to disable it I’ll add the feature in the future but it’s plenty useful as-is)
  • Customize the naming scheme (default is numeric), the number of variations the scripts supports (default is 4), and the variable used to switch between track variations (default is Variable 1).
  • Works with F12 restart!
  • Only works with OGG and PCM (WAV) files, as Mp3s and midis do not give the data required for the transition to work properly.

Notes and Credit:

The script is free for non-commercial use and commercial use, just provide me with credit and a link to the script so others can share. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know! I’ll gladly fool around with the script in my spare time.

Note that this script is best with custom music, as dynamic music is actually quite rare in games and almost unheard of in RPG Maker games. It’s meant to improve ambience by having certain elements of the arrangement play only under certain circumstances, within the arrangement (like Soul Reaver‘s music engine, which inspired the script).

No Hell Diary Download Available

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For now, I’ve removed the Hell Diary download both from the webpage and from mediafire. It’s been stagnant for two years and at some point, I intend to remake it again with a different scope (but the same gameplay) and in a more manageable package. I can’t say when, but there will be another update to Amihailu in Dreamland to fix bugs and change a few small things before then. Sorry about that!

Mamirin on PC-8801

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I’ve scoured the internet looking for it so you don’t have to! Maybe it’s not a particularly hot item, but it is the first modern-style product in the RPG Maker line. It has pretty much all of the basic RPG Maker stuff—2D scrolling maps, sprite sheets (with an included editor), game disk export, event, map, and entity editors. It’s for PC-8801 and there is no sound or music for some reason, as that wouldn’t come around until Dante 98 and other later offerings.

If for whatever reason you can’t secure the download (because too many people have downloaded—fat chance of that happening, you don’t want to see my site stats), email me at kseihya@gmail.com and I can send it to you directly.

Nightmare Castle Effects Guide

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A kind youtuber created a multilingual effects guide (Spanish, English, and Japanese) for Nightmare Castle 3.1.0!

Take a look if you’re having any trouble finding the effects/specials.

Amihailu in Dreamland 1.00

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The game’s done! Grab it here!

Changes in this version:

  • New portraits, events, and music
  • Removed unnecessary and incomplete things

Finally, after two years, my game is finished! What’s next?


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