Cheap Ass Comiks: The Update

Recently, I’ve been contacted by the Cheap Ass Comiks guys on this site, through the glorious medium of the comments section. I’ve allowed them to be published, because now the world can know that in addition to penning and drawing some of the world’s least funny comics, they aren’t above trying to threaten and pick on young women with mental disorders which require medicine.

Here’s a few:

This goes out to the writer of this post:

Fucking Right! It’s about time somebody talks about Cheap Ass Comiks!! You (Asshole) have given us the greatest gift of all….a negative critique:) Do you really think we give a shit about your words, as a matter a fact we appreciate the gesture. You obviously know nothing about our history and what we have been going through for the last 20 years to get this idea of ours off the ground!

Don’t take it the wrong way, we are not angry with you, on the contrary, we are delighted at the fact that some random dipshit pansy has taken the time out of his not-so-busy schedule to spew the written garbage that has assaulted our eyes!

I bet it feels great to sit (and hide) behind a computer screen… is probably the greatest feeling in the world to know that you can pretty much say anything you want (with complete disregard of others) and not have to worry about someone kicking you in the mouth:)

In conclusion, we will just like to clarify the Cheap Ass Comiks NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL BE a scam! We only wish to bring laughter and joy to people of our planet and hopefully prevent pathetic virgins (like yourself) from creating these shallow, judgmental, self-righteous pieces of shit and trying to pass it off as “journalistic gold”. Don’t quit your day job of being an asshole sniffer and leave the comedy to the professionals:)


Internet tough-guying, check. Lack of a valid point or criticism, check. Getting my sex wrong and throwing around the “virgin!!1!” insult, check. As others pointed out in the comments, it’s a bit hypocritical to mention “talking shit, hiding behind a computer” when you’re doing essentially the same thing. Of course he tried to deny making any kind of threat, but the highlighted language suggests that if I were there, right in front of him, he’d assault me.

Next, when I mentioned he didn’t have any fans after supposedly 20 years of penning terrible comics and unfunny scripts, he went on to say I’ve been making a final fantasy knock-off… which, on my own site is kind of stupid, because only followers who have played my games actually read it. Oh, and he tried to poke fun at me having schizoaffective disorder, which is something anyone with a grain of decency would do:

I guess for those that can’t comprehend what they read, nowhere in that post did it threaten to kick anyone. It pretty much said it must be nice to talk shit without the possibility of any retaliation, pretty much the I’m a giant coward unless I am behind my computer screen syndrome, which you must suffer with as well as all your other problems you had for your little pity me party, because your life is so damn hard, ha ha. Take your meds, you need to be sane because there are other games that need to be copied out there for you.

Better still, he shared a link to my article and a snippet of his “sick burn” on twitter and his facebook, which are both void of any fan activity. He even liked his own comment on the link.

Now, normally I don’t get caught up in this kind of childish mud-flinging, besides with the Brutal Carnage guys. And at least they could actually get a kickstarter pledge or three. But I think this will probably be the most positive (and only) publicity these guys ever get for their work. Nice job “laying down the law on a sucka”, now hear those crickets chirping? That’s the sound of your fans sharing your sickk burnzz with all their friends.

2 Responses to “Cheap Ass Comiks: The Update”

  1. Jesus, Mishka… how do you even find crap like this comics?

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